Preconception Consultation

Preconception Consultation with Dr. Rosenberg

For women with existing health conditions who are concerned about issues that may arise in pregnancy, a preconception consult is a great way to begin the journey toward parenthood. Dr. Rosenberg will partner with you, your primary care provider, and your obstetrician or midwife to address your concerns in advance of your planned pregnancy. Whether the issue is structural (uterine fibroids or a bicornate uterus) or a chronic medical condition (such as asthma or hypertension), we create a plan to ensure that your pregnancy is off to a healthy start.

Preconception consultation is also recommended for women who have a higher risk of pregnancy complications due to advanced age (over age 35), previous pregnancy loss or complication, or a family history of genetic disorders. Regardless of your health history and pregnancy risks, Dr. Rosenberg will help you navigate as you journey toward parenthood.

A Preconception consultation involves the following:

  • Medical History Overview: Dr. Rosenberg will review your medical history and provide counseling for the potential issues that may arise in pregnancy due to any preexisting health problem. Common concerns are problems such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, hypertension, asthma, or diabetes.  We discuss any other potential risk factors that may result in complicated pregnancy, including clotting disorders (thrombophilias), autoimmune disorders,  inherited genetic disorders, advanced maternal age, and previous pregnancy loss or complications. Dr. Rosenberg partners with your primary care provider as well as your maternity provider so your care is seamless.

  • Genetic Screening and Testing: Genetic screening is done on the patient (and possibly her partner) to help determine the risk of inherited diseases to the potential fetus, such as sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis. Genetic testing is performed after conception and can check to see whether a genetic disorder is present in the fetus.

  • Medication Evaluation: For women who are considering pregnancy, current medications being used to manage other chronic conditions will be evaluated and reviewed for risks and benefits. Dr. Rosenberg can guide you regarding your medication usage during pregnancy or find safer alternatives if necessary.

  • Prenatal Lifestyle Guidance: In addition to reviewing your medical history and medications, lifestyle changes are often recommended including diet and exercise, to benefit your health and provide the best chance for your baby to thrive despite any risks posed by your medical condition.

By being proactive with preconception counseling, women with a history of chronic medical conditions can reduce their risk for complications during pregnancy and receive comprehensive management for a healthier pregnancy and safer delivery.

Why Choose Rosenberg Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Choosing to have a baby is a life-changing choice, and when health problems are a concern, a preconception consultation can help you plan ahead for conception and assure the best possible outcomes. The high level of expert care you will receive at Rosenberg Maternal Medicine will give you and your future baby the best possible opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about how your medical condition may affect your pregnancy, contact our practice today.