Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Maternal-Fetal Medicine with Dr. Rosenberg

In certain cases, expectant mothers and their unborn babies experience complications and may need more intensive care to achieve a healthy outcome. Dr. Rosenberg works within a sub-specialty of obstetrics called Maternal-Fetal Medicine, which focuses on diagnosing and treating women who are at high risk for problems during pregnancy. As a Maternal-Fetal Medicine expert, Dr. Rosenberg serves as a consultant to obstetricians and midwives caring for patients who have pre-existing illnesses and/or genetic conditions that impact their pregnancy, including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, hypothyroidism and hypertension. Throughout the pregnancy, Dr. Rosenberg provides an extra level of ongoing specialist care, including prenatal visits and testing, ultrasound imaging and fetal assessments. He also helps women manage unusual preconceptions and/or postpartum issues.

How You Can Benefit From Our Care

Pregnancies complicated by maternal medical issues or fetal illnesses require an extra level of care. At Rosenberg Maternal-Fetal Medicine, we can help you through a variety of conditions including:

  • Preterm Birth: Preterm birth refers to a baby being born before the 37th week of pregnancy. This is one of the most common conditions affecting pregnancy in the United States, especially if a woman has had a previous preterm birth. We provide screening for this potential problem.

  • Multiple Gestations: For those expecting twins, triplets, and even quadruplets, multiple gestations can be impacted by intrauterine growth restrictions and have a higher risk of complications. The skilled team of sonographers at Rosenberg Maternal-Fetal medicine are trained to spot issues early on in these pregnancies. 

  • Hypertensive diseases in pregnancy: Pregnant women with chronic hypertension have a higher risk of fetal growth restriction and a higher risk of preterm birth. These conditions can cause serious complications during pregnancy, including preeclampsia and perinatal mortality. Dr. Rosenberg is an expert in this field and will help you manage your medical condition to provide the best conditions for your baby to thrive.

  • Diabetes in pregnancy: Over 8 million women throughout the United States have gestational diabetes, causing a risk of major congenital disabilities and causing type II diabetes later in life.

  • Other medical conditions: Other conditions such as asthma, maternal hypothyroidism, and severe renal insufficiency can affect pregnancies and increase the risk of mortality for both mother and fetus. Dr. Rosenberg is available for consultations, extensive screenings, and treatment options to help manage your pregnancy.

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Because many health conditions can cause severe pregnancy complications, we at Rosenberg Maternal-Fetal Medicine provide screening and diagnosis, as well as extensive clinical guidance and management throughout your pregnancy. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your baby.