When It’s Time To Seek Advanced Maternal Fetal Care

Women need special attention from day one of their pregnancy to their day of delivery, as women become more vulnerable to diseases due to how their bodies respond to pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an exciting and happy time, but women with chronic health conditions or who develop unexpected problems during their pregnancy need attention from a maternal-fetal medicine specialist from start to finish to ensure that they have a safe, healthy pregnancy.

When It’s Time To Seek Advanced Maternal Fetal Care

If you are in one of the categories mentioned above, then seeing a maternal-fetal medicine specialist is recommended. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists work to give you peace of mind by providing treatments and management techniques to help you deliver a healthy baby. But why should you see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist? As specialists who work with mothers facing unique conditions, there are many reasons and concerns that maternal-fetal medicine specialists can treat, including: 

  • Preconception Counseling: If you face a chronic health condition, or have had problems with past pregnancies, then a maternal-fetal medicine specialist can review your medical history and pregnancy history and plan a proactive plan for your subsequent pregnancy. 
  • Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetic Screenings: Throughcare provided by your maternal-fetal medicine specialist, your doctor can test for fetal diseases, genetic conditions, and infections that may affect the pregnancy. 
  • Pregnancy Challenges: For any past complications and underlying health conditions due to pregnancy, your maternal-fetal medicine specialist can address those problems through an effective plan to reduce risks for your current pregnancy. 
  • Maternal Health Problems: Many health problems, such as high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart conditions, and even asthma, can affect a pregnancy and increase your risk of miscarriage. Your maternal-fetal medicine specialist can provide medications and closely monitor your health to manage your medical problems and reduce the risks for your baby. 
  • Older Maternal Age: Women 35 and older can increase the risk of chromosome problems with the baby and double the risk of anatomic fetal abnormalities. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists can address these problems through routine ultrasounds, giving you the best chance of determining that your baby will be born healthy. 
  • IVF Pregnancy: Getting a conception through IVF can double the risk of heart defects in babes. Through the help of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, they can perform specialist heart ultrasounds to identify any heart anomalies in the utero. 

When visiting a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, they can work with you through every challenge to ensure that you will have a healthy, safe pregnancy. 

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At Rosenburg Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Dr. Victor Rosenberg and his team provide high-risk pregnancy services for women in their communities in both Hewlett, NY, and Suffern, NY. Through their care, Dr. Rosenburg will provide a proactive, personalized plan for your pregnancy through every challenge you face. For more information about their treatment options for high-risk pregnancies, contact their office by calling the Hewlett office at (516) 501-9840 and the Suffern office at (845) 764-9880.