Understanding The Risks Of Extremely Premature Births

Dealing with extremely premature births is a complex and delicate situation, and making decisions about your health and your baby’s health can be even more challenging. However, it is important to know that your healthcare team is here with you through every step. At Rosenberg Maternal-Fetal Medicine, we work proactively with our patients to ensure the best possible outcomes and provide extensive resources for mothers with high risks for premature births. Below, we’ll describe some of the circumstances around extremely premature births, the challenges associated with them, and the resources you have for support. 

Understanding Extremely Premature Births

Extremely premature births refer to the delivery of a baby before 28 weeks of gestation. These babies are often born with significantly underdeveloped organs and are at higher risk of experiencing complications and long-term issues. But more so than that, they cause challenges that can be emotionally difficult to handle, causing anguish and pain for expecting mothers. As motherhood is a significant life transition, extremely premature births come with many devastating factors. 

It’s essential to know that through these difficult times that your healthcare team is here with you and can provide support and guidance for how to move forward with your high-risk pregnancy. As maternal-fetal medicine specialists, our careers revolve around managing high-risk pregnancies and other fetal conditions. In the context of extremely premature births, our MFM specialists play a critical role in several aspects: 

  • Antenatal Care: Many MFM specialists closely monitor the mother’s health and the baby’s development through regular prenatal checkups, ultrasounds, and specialized tests. Our team works with other healthcare professionals to detect and manage any potential complications that may arise during pregnancy. This includes monitoring blood pressure, assessing fetal growth, and ensuring the baby receives appropriate oxygenation and nutrition in the womb. 
  • Preterm Labor Prevention: One of the key goals of our MFM specialists is to prevent preterm labor and prolong pregnancy as much as possible. This can be employed through strategies such as bed rest, medications to relax the uterus, cerclage, and other interventions to give the baby more time to mature and develop in the womb. 
  • Neonatal Care Coordination: Our MFM specialists collaborate closely with neonatalogists to ensure a seamless transition from the womb to neonatal intensive care unity for extremely premature babies. Through this effort, we can coordinate the delivery and ensure the NICU team is prepared to provide immediate care and support for the baby. 
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Because of the circumstances that often arise with extremely premature births, our MFM specialists will work to develop personalized treatment plans to assist both mothers and their babies during this time. 

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