Fetal Surgery Solutions: Ensuring the Well-Being of Mother and Child

When a treatable health concern is identified before birth, fetal surgery can address the concern at birth. These surgeries can address various developmental anomalies to ensure the well-being and health of mothers and their developing children. Rosenberg Maternal Fetal Medicine is a clinic renowned for its specialization in handling high-risk pregnancies. Dr. Rosenberg and his team use advanced diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge equipment to give your child the best chance at an amazing life.

Rare Congenital Anomalies And Fetal Surgery

Many fetal health concerns can be treated before your baby leaves the womb. When your child has been diagnosed with one of these conditions, we provide minimally invasive surgical options. These surgical approaches are aimed at minimizing the amount of damage done to healthy tissue and limiting healing times. Further, these approaches help reduce the risk of complications with your pregnancy following the surgery and faster recovery times.

Some of the conditions we treat with fetal surgery include:

  • Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) – This rare birth defect causes the diaphragm to fail to form during gestation properly. This can allow the abdominal organs to bulge into the chest cavity. Our surgical approach repairs the diaphragm and allows the lungs to develop normally.
  • Spina Bifida – This condition impacts the development of the neural tube, impacting the spinal cord and potentially causing numerous disabilities. Our surgical approach can repair the opening this condition causes, reducing the degree of damage caused to the spinal cord.
  • Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome – Surgery is often needed to address this complex condition. It occurs when identical twins experience an imbalance in blood flow between them. Using laser surgery, the abnormal blood vessels in the placenta can be sealed off, restoring balance to the blood flow and limiting the complications for both twins.

These surgeries may require collaborating with a multidisciplinary team made of multiple specialists. This can include neonatologists, pediatric surgeons, and a range of other experts to ensure the best possible results for your child. At every stage of the process, your and your baby’s health is the highest priority for our team.

Navigating pregnancy can be emotionally and physically challenging even when advanced concerns like congenital anomalies aren’t present. When concerns like these make themselves known, you need the support and expertise of a team that will ensure the best chance of a successful result. 

Learn More About Fetal Surgery Treatments For Congenital Anomalies

Rosenberg Fetal Medicine is here to provide that support and expertise. If you’ve received a diagnosis indicating the presence of a congenital anomaly, schedule an appointment with our office immediately. We’ll work closely with you to understand the available options and how they can impact your pregnancy and your child’s life. We’re committed to clear communication and a compassionate approach to helping you through this challenging time. You can start immediately by calling our Hewlett office at (516) 501-9840 or our location in Suffern at (845) 764-9880. You can also stop by either of these locations to meet the team and get an in-person consultation about your pregnancy.